If you are from out of the area, how many nights did you spend in the NC Mountains? (Choose one)

We did everything possible to keep the cost of entering the tournament to a reasonable amount. Included was an application for a grant from the Henderson County Tourism agency. In order to prove our value to them, Questions 1 and 2 will help us sell pickleball's value to the local economy.

If you dined at restaurants, how many meals were purchased during your stay? (Choose one)

Please provide any comments about the area. Did you have a chance to visit tourist attractions? Will you come back to see attractions you missed? Anything else?

Is sanctioning a determining factor in your choice of a tournament? On other words, if the Land of the Sky tournament were not sanctioned in 2019, would that alone keep you from entering?

We chose to sanction the first Land of the Sky tournament to differentiate it from the endless list of options. As a first-year tourney, we applied for medal-match only sanctioning, meaning not all games would be refereed. Going forward that option goes away. Finding referees for a large tournament will be difficult and the decision to sanction or not will be influenced by player response.

Which single part of this year's tournament would you change to make it better? (Choose one)

The tournament venue - Xcel Sportsplex - is a multipurpose gymnasium. While there is little we can do to change its basic structure, we are interested in players' impressions of the facility. Please rank the following elements by moving them up or down.
  • Lighting
  • Court Layout
  • Court Lines
  • Cafe
  • Seating/viewing
  • Highway Access
  • Overall Comfort

Why did you choose to play in this year's Land of the Sky? (Choose one or more)

Please provide any comments about the tournament itself - both good and bad. We need to know what worked and what did not.

For the attendees of the BBQ in the Barn, please rank the event's features. (Please rank by moving up and down)
  • The venue - the Barn at Tall Oaks Farm
  • The food - BBQ Buffet
  • The bar - Beer, Wine, and Hard Cider
  • The entertainment - Music Trivia
  • The length - 3 Hours
  • The timing - Friday (first night)

Gut check time - Will you come back back next year?

Would you be interested in a unique-format 2-day tournament where you had the option of playing a minimum of 4 hours per day with players of equal skills?

We are discussing a new concept for a fun tournament filled with lots of guaranteed play within skill levels. The entire tournament would be based on round-robin play among men, women, and mixed events. It would consist of 4 separate and different events over 2 days. Players could enter 1, 2, 3, or 4 events. Every player would be eligible for an "Ironman" award for the entire weekend's performance. I will not give away the secret yet, but it promises to a fun test of skill and endurance.